Acute Hearing offers a full range of hearing services focused on your hearing health needs.

We are committed to finding that perfect fit by providing you service with care and attentiveness. We provide comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing rehabilitation, hearing aids, hearing protection, assistive listening devices and hearing aid accessories.

Hearing Aid Consultations in Edmonton

The first step to better hearing is to have your hearing evaluated.

A comprehensive hearing test will detect a hearing loss if one is present. Based on the hearing test, the hearing professional can determine whether you need to use hearing aids or receive further treatment. A hearing test is neither painful nor uncomfortable and takes about 45 minutes to complete. We are the choice for hearing aid consultation in Edmonton.

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Hearing Aid Test Process


Visual Examination

The hearing professional will visually examine your ears to check for problems that could affect the hearing test, like infection or wax build-up.


Questionnaire/Case History

The hearing professional will explore any concerns you have about your ears and your hearing. They will also enquire about any communication situations where you may be experiencing frustration. Your answers may help the hearing professional to determine the extent of the hearing loss and uncover specific areas which may require further attention.


Hearing Test

Our hearing professionals use an audiometer to perform the hearing test. The test is done in a sound-proof booth with a small foam insert earphones which blocks out most environmental sounds and helps the hearing professional get more accurate measurements of your hearing. You Acute Hearing professional will measure how well you hear a range of sounds as well as speech.



When the assessment is completed, the hearing professional will explain the results to you, make recommendations based on the hearing test and answer any questions you may have.Options – If you have a hearing loss, your Acute Hearing professional will discuss and thoroughly review all of your options with you. If hearing aids are required, your hearing professional will explore this with you to determine what best meets your communication, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.Hearing Aids – If you choose to go ahead with hearing aids, an impression of your ear is usually taken and a new appointment will be arranged in about a week for a fitting of your new hearing aids.Referrals – If it is determined that you need further testing by a specialist, our clinicians can make the appropriate referrals to family physicians, ear nose and throat specialists, speech language pathologists, etc.

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Hearing Aids

If you choose to go ahead with hearing aids, an impression of your ear is usually taken and a new appointment will be arranged in about a week for a fitting of your new hearing aids.

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Our Services Also Include

We provide the following hearing aid and audiology services to our Edmonton and area customers.

• Hearing aid fittings, tuning, adjustments, and demos
• Hearing aid repairs, clean and checks, and maintenance
• Remote care hearing aid tuning appointments
• Full hearing tests and assessments
• Accessories and hearing aid batteries

Audiology Services

Are you experiencing hearing loss?

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5 Minute Online Hearing Check

Our free online hearing check is easy to use and takes 5 minutes to complete. It’s a great first step  to  improving your hearing health.

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