Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing with help from Acute Hearing in Edmonton

Hearing is one of the 5 most important human senses so, naturally, we want to protect it. By using hearing protection, you can prevent losing your hearing to excessive noise such as occupational noise or loud music. Acute Hearing offers a wide range of custom hearing protection options for those bothersome sounds that may be damaging your hearing.

Noise Plugs

Offers protection from any high noise environment.

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sleep plugs

Sleep Plugs

Sleep in comfort while minimizing disturbing noises at night the hassle of always planning your life around them.

Swim Plugs

Floatable swim plugs that keep your ears dry while swimming or showering and helps prevent infection.outstanding sound quality are guaranteed.

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Magnum Plugs

Protect hunters from gun fire sounds without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations.

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