Hearing Products

Hearing aids, accessories and aftercare….

We offer a wide assortment of hearing aids, hearing aid batteries as well as hearing aid cleaning and maintenance supplies, we also carry a selection of assistive listening devices ranging from specialty telephones and signaling devices, to television and Bluetooth accessories.

Hearing Aids

Communication is important to you, your friends and family, and to us.

The advanced technology and innovative designs in today’s hearing aids can be customized to give you and your lifestyle the perfect fit.

hearing aid products

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing with help from Acute Hearing in Edmonton

By using hearing protection, you can prevent losing your hearing to excessive noise such as occupational noise or loud music.



We offer hearing support solutions to match every need.

Acute Hearing has you covered when it comes to Assistive Listening Devices, Accessories and Hearing Aid Batteries.


At Acute Hearing we offer annual hearing reviews as well as help with your hearing aid programming and servicing.

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